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About RIU

The Research Intelligence Unit (RIU) is a company registered in the UK with its offices in London and has had its regional office in Colombo since 2003. Over the years, the RIU has established itself as the premier research and consultancy firm for many of the top corporations in the UK, Sri Lanka and in many other major cities in Asia. Having established over a decade of expertise in real estate and investment intermediation, Real-estate Intelligence Unit, as a separate entity, was incorporated under the same brand in order to provide an end-to-end professional service to our clients. In 2020, Real-estate Intelligence Unit was re-named as RIU Property Network.

Our track record in the real estate sector of Sri Lanka is second to none and covers many selected and well reputed local and international clients. We are the first research firm to enter the real estate sector in Sri Lanka and continue to conduct specific studies on the Sri Lankan market and produce reports for several top internationally reputed brands.

Following decades of hard work, we are the preferred source of market intelligence for many of the top developers in the region. Taking no short-cuts in our data generation and analysis, the Research and Advisory arm of RIU is the knowledge and intelligence behind many of the new and upcoming developments in Sri Lanka and the region whilst our Sales and Marketing division converts developments into financially lucrative projects that deliver the targeted return on investment.

Due to popular demand, we are also involved in facilitating the sale, lease and rental of high-end properties to a client database than covers all corners of the globe.

  • Based in London with its regional office in Colombo, Sri Lanka since 2003
  • Representation in several global locations across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia
  • Strong track record of providing services to the world’s top corporations in the real estate sector
  • Research and advisory services in a range of areas that include market and financial feasibility, environmental and social impact studies as well as marketing strategy
  • Marketing team with international and local track record of marketing real estate projects
  • In-house expertise in facilitating Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and green buildings with low carbon foot-prints
  • In all our projects, the RIU helps to promote financial transparency, good governance and sustainability reporting
  • Our approach has always won acclaim for utilizing both local and international expertise to deliver outputs that always exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Vision and Mission

To contribute towards the establishment of an equitable local and global economic system, that is one underpinned by ethics, rewarding hard work, originality, intelligence and integrity.

To raise the bar in terms of standards and delivery performance across the entire real estate industry.